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Shopping & Consumer Domains Continued $850
Funding dreams and living large. $3500
The Classic American Dessert $1225
Tech and dedication $3250
The original one or one of many. $399 SALE
Trading and collecting rodeo pins $1275
Cross the line from used to antique and back again. $699 SALE
Dealers unite and sell larger markets. $1250
Combo of APP with digital unit - easy to remember. $650 SALE
Creating sales events at sports arenas. $1250
Be stimulated. $1899 SALE
75+ million strong and growing. $1779
Buying safely. $2500
Full fashion and baby products brand with Internet presence. $2450 SALE
The next generation has arrived! $550 SALE
Major party and event site for bake goods. $1985
At work or home, be boss. $2575
Free Money - Almost! $495 SALE
High volume website potential with hotels providing input. $1755
Coupons for what you need and use $985 SALE
Clear and accurate information about home insurance. $995
Finding the basics is getting harder. $1225
Something you can read and watch the crowd $1250
Dig your feet in the sand. $975
A lasting tradition $1050
Many criteria $885
Keeping up with the code. $795 SALE
Full range safety site with devices, head gear, multiple manufacturers. $585 SALE
From paper clips to rental cars. $1550
Special coffee for a special market. $599 SALE
Bring tag sales to the next level with color ID. $2350
Big Baby Spenders. $2800
Understanding how boomers buy and offering an Ad supported opportunity. $1985
43% of all dollars donated. $1755
Enter Stage Right. $1150 SALE
Network of wedding cake bakers country wide. $775 SALE
Growing numbers of online, phone and mail scams. $1850
Or Originally developed to collect and scan buyer data. $1175
An online or street cafe with great coffee. $1099 SALE
Lighter, frosted - bury the cupcake. $599 SALE
The pins of sports and entertainment. $1275
Crafts for Christmas had its biggest year ever and people are making things all year round. $299 SALE
Amazing year-round market $1100
Online and Print Movie Guide, with lots of ads from major studios. $1350
Online & Board Games $895 SALE
More online food deliveries. $995
Hobbyists are rushing in. $1299 SALE
Online service for any computer/PDA problems. $725 SALE
Don't be alone playing the big game. $849
Clients want deluxe at a bargain. $949
Clients want deluxe on weekends. $1850
Gloss, sheen and radiance. available for the Brits. $1125
Design the cake you want. $1085
The market for creative colors in the eye. $1150
Showcase of great baby clothes and gear. $1250
It keeps coming up as the favorite month. $1050
Perhaps the source for library sales. $5875
New branding for dollar stores and discount retailers. $485
The first flowers of spring. $695 SALE
Ever try and find help? Here is the opportunity. $485 SALE
The visual is exciting and full of memories. $1675
The garden to table, food markets and seasonal best growers. $775
Where fancy pastry is designed and taste defined. $375 SALE
Help in fixing things or where to send them. $985
It adds up. $875 SALE
How old do you need to be to play? $650 SALE
Networking buying and growing local. $625 SALE
More sweet gifts are being sent from websites. $399 SALE
Discounted designer bags. $955 SALE
Keeping the rose out front every day! $885
More tea and crumpets for a new generation. $1250
Home tests are now easier, convenient and more accurate. $1475
New dimensions in healthy, happy drinking. $995
Great site for selling a full range of laptops. $950
High traffic consumer interest. $1850
Combine vitamins and advice for a great retail website. $2525
The right name for the key ticket broker who can produce great seats on a moments notice. $1525
Planning, bookings, online sales. Good ad sales. $499 SALE
Searching out the really free. $775 SALE
A whole new range of plants for flavor and health. $299 SALE
If your car could speak..well it can! $1050
As Big Box stores seek more internet sales, needs promotion and a Pointer domain. $875
Online measurement for consumer sales. $399 SALE
Could be a great blog with major traffic and ad sales. Before you buy that lizard.... $1175
A dedicated and growing hobby. $1250
The pet vitamin and healthy food market keeps growing. $3150
From major league games to community theater - the play is the thing! $2500
Fine tea & coffee, wine, bourbon, brandy and even fabrics. It's the blend that counts. $1185
From the lawn to the veggie patch to the bird feeder - only the best. $1550
We do love our coffee. $1225
Time to enhance grocery offerings. $499 SALE
Our educational system needs to help provide students the tools. $1950
The grandaddy of brand loyalty. Miles, miles and more miles. $875
Designers are becoming more agressive in fashion jewelry. $199 SALE
The market for honey remains very strong although the honey bee needs help. $715
Retail attraction makes the difference. $885
Best values on a variety of products - direct. $1125
70% of America's wealth is held by folks over 55. $2895
All those remastered CD's with Frank, Bing and Perry are hot for the senior market. $1195
Discounts for harder to find services. $1450
All the stats and market shares from dental products and service brands. $675
The best and the marginal baby stuff from big and small retailers. $675
Tips for the senior market on value pricing and better customer service. $1650
The ups and downs of good snacking. Food corp. opportunity. $1950
The potential for global collecting with postal administrations, dealers and collectors. $775 SALE
Food artistry takes many forms. $2900
Hand-held, portable drink mixer. $775 SALE
The chair has become key in any office or home setup. $99 SALE
Everything for the custom car market. $545 SALE
Keyword rich and needed online. $995
A dagger to your heart. $995
Snookie wants you to visit! $1125
More has to fit in compact checked and carried baggage. $1085
Tulips for Valentine's Day - of course. $775
New studies make the guide essential. $995 SALE
The experience makes all the difference. $2250
The internet is the new place to browse and buy art. $550 SALE
Check the wine list at the restaurant where you are dining.

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