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About Us - Name Game

Simply stated, we are in the name game. We create names that are the cornerstone of brand building. Most often the names we create include unique Internet domains that have been developed as first steps to a new or revamped branding descriptor.
While our team has created more than 90% of the names you will find here, we also search many auctions, resellers and developers for names that we feel fit our categories, customer profiles and interest.

Our clients range from medical providers, professional practices, restaurant owners, product and services names, bloggers, startup companies and all sizes of businesses seeking to enter or expand their Internet presence and awareness directly with consumers and expanded lines of business.

There are two basic ways we feel we can serve our customer base most effectively.

First, we maintain, by category, a large inventory of existing domain names that are available for sale immediately. We have researched the basis of the domain and find that they meet strong and recognizable Internet descriptor requirements.

Second, we are happy to customize a specific name based on a review of your key objectives and the name’s availability as a domain. Typically our researchers will recommend several different names for consideration and this process usually takes no more than ten business days.

Since many of our U.S. clients and those browsing our site are interested in newly devised brands and created names, we are taking the additional step of reviewing certain of our offerings with the United States Patent and Trademark office via their online function. Specifically, we review selected names via the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). TESS allows a quick search of the USPTO's database of registered trademarks and prior pending applications to find the status of an existing mark.

When you see Trademark may be available it will indicate to you that a search was conducted when the domain was first listed. You may not assume that our indication of possible availability currently exists and that this very preliminary search will not provide the full background of the trademark counsel and seek a full search of the branded domain to ascertain its status. We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any trademark status for any of our domain offerings and have not included any trademark status in our determination of value and subsequent pricing.

There are a large number of excellent agencies that deal with a full range of branding services from consumer based surveys to logo design.

We consider the name you give your product, service and company to be the first important marketing decision you make and it is therefore our sole focus.

Once the naming element has been accomplished, we will be happy to recommend agencies that can provide a full range of ancillary services to assist your efforts in creating strong and effective brand recognition.


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