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2ndHomeFunding.com $350 SALE
Financing second homes can be tricky.

AffordableGoutCare.com $1125
Never a happy condition.

AffordableHomeNursing.com $2125
Seniors staying Home Longer

AffordablePediatricDental.com $1125
Save on saving the kids' teeth.

AffordableVaccines.com $1125
Manage the risk

AllAmericanPie.com $3500
The Classic American Dessert

AmericanMilitaryFamilies.com $799 SALE
Serving and remebering all those who serve.

AntiqueJunque.com $1275
Cross the line from used to antique and back again.

Aunting.com $3850
What social blogging was meant to be.

AuthorsGuides.com $1275
Everyone has one good book in them.

BabyGifter.com $1779
Buying safely.

BABYOO.com $2500
Full fashion and baby products brand with Internet presence.

BabyRoyals.com $2450 SALE
The next generation has arrived!

BakingBoss.com $1985
At work or home, be boss.

BasicCoupons.com $1755
Coupons for what you need and use

BasicHomeInsurance.com $985 SALE
Clear and accurate information about home insurance.

BasicTelephones.com $995
Finding the basics is getting harder.

BeachMusica.com $1450
Competing boom boxes need special music for the sand and surf.

BeatingScams.com $1150
Understanding how the fraud works is the best defense.

BikesSafety.com $795 SALE
Full range safety site with devices, head gear, multiple manufacturers.

BillboardIncome.com $299 SALE
Use your land to create new income from billboards.

BlueTagSales.com $599 SALE
Bring tag sales to the next level with color ID.

BlueTeaKettles.com $575 SALE
Do you remember the color of the tea kettle?

BusinessCreditBasics.com $1095
The core of business finance.

BuyerScam.com $775 SALE
Growing numbers of online, phone and mail scams.

CakerDonuts.com $1099 SALE
Lighter, frosted - bury the cupcake.

CarPoolCoop.com $675
Car pooling remains the best antidote to traffic frustrations. Hook up.

CarPoolingBlog.com $675 SALE
The good and bad of car pooling and how to ride well.

ClickaLick.com $895 SALE
More online food deliveries.

ComputerFault.com $1299 SALE
Online service for any computer/PDA problems.

CouponSocials.com $725 SALE
Don't be alone playing the big game.

DesigningBaby.com $1150
Showcase of great baby clothes and gear.

DesignSeptember.com $1250
It keeps coming up as the favorite month.

DESSERTING.com $2675
To cook and enjoy desserts.

Dezerving.com $1185
Why not me...am I not?

DoubleHouses.com $1350
A market niche with strong potential.

eCompuTutors.com $695 SALE
Ever try and find help? Here is the opportunity.

eSantasWorkshop.com $485 SALE
The visual is exciting and full of memories.

eSeniorJobs.com $885
When it's too early to retire.

ExceptionalHouses.com $1225
Perfect domain for perfect properties.

FindingValueHomes.com $825 SALE
A site for an agency that markets lower margin real estate.

FIXXZY.com $375 SALE
Help in fixing things or where to send them.

FullMovingService.com $975
Have a moving expert on your side.

GardeningVeggies.com $650 SALE
Networking buying and growing local.

HappyBirthdayRoses.com $955 SALE
Keeping the rose out front every day!

HomeInsuranceAdvisory.com $1775
Seems to be a second thought after auto and life, but all important.

HomeKookie.com $650 SALE
Home products promotional blog from cookies to double door fridges.

HomeMedTests.com $1250
Home tests are now easier, convenient and more accurate.

KidsFly.com $1585
Tricks and hints of how to get kids quickly and safely through the challenges of air transport.

KitchenTwine.com $1475
A well-organized kitchen is the key to sanity.

LandscapeMaintenanceCompany.com $775
There are hearty souls who want to do it all, but fewer.

LeasingRealProperty.com $1495
Commercial leasing is a niche all its own.

LocalAreaMLS.com $1295
ALL real estate is local.

LowestCostPrescription.com $950
High traffic consumer interest.

MoneyOnMainStreets.com $875 SALE
Where did the trickle go?

MorningTube.com $675 SALE
If you are a morning TV person and want to blog an interested market, this one is for you.

MrBirthdays.com $1525
Planning, bookings, online sales. Good ad sales.

MrsFreebie.com $499 SALE
Searching out the really free.

NamingOurBaby.com $1575
There are plenty of baby-name sites, but most do the same thing.

NannyHousekeepers.com $1175
The ultimate combo of help in the home.

NaturalGardenHerbs.com $775 SALE
A whole new range of plants for flavor and health.

NewAgeCarRepair.com $299 SALE
If your car could speak..well it can!

OddJobsMarket.com $885
Everyone is a high-priced specialist.

OurDreamScenery.com $1175
Perhaps for poets or real estate agents.

PetRanking.com $399 SALE
Could be a great blog with major traffic and ad sales. Before you buy that lizard....

PetTropicalFish.com $1175
A dedicated and growing hobby.

PremierCondo.com $1525
Upscale market demands upscale presentation.

PremiumBrandSeed.com $1185
From the lawn to the veggie patch to the bird feeder - only the best.

PrintableGroceriesCoupons.com $1225
Time to enhance grocery offerings.

SantaClausElves.com $495 SALE
When help is needed with the kids, the elves can be called.

SeniorAddictions.org $2750
A growing issue as seniors become overmedicated and trade drugs.

SENIORMAX.com $1125
70% of America's wealth is held by folks over 55.

SeniorMusic.com $2895
All those remastered CD's with Frank, Bing and Perry are hot for the senior market.

SeniorTimeShare.com $275 SALE
Cash strapped seniors can find real bargains in the time share market.

ServicesCoupons.com $1195
Discounts for harder to find services.

Tips for the senior market on value pricing and better customer service.

SilverVillagers.com $975
Focused on what 50+ are looking for in their village.

SkinnyZumba.com $650 SALE
Weight loss through balanced diet and exercise.

SMILEM.com $1955
Creating a daily reason.

SuccessfulListing.com $485
The real estate market is starting to warm up.

SWIXA.com $2900
Hand-held, portable drink mixer.

TeenPidgin.com $875
Teens are developing a whole new language for texting and cell phone coding.

TheBestChair.com $775 SALE
The chair has become key in any office or home setup.

TrainerComputers.com $545 SALE
Keyword rich and needed online.

TravelDealsFamily.com $995
The family that travels together.

USAVet.net $785
As our troops come home, they need sources for government and commercial services.

WebSeniors.net $1650
The largest web community with major money to spend.

WeddingEventCoordinator.com $995 SALE
The experience makes all the difference.

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